Archtic Moon

Mel Reddie | Owner & Managing Director

My name is Mel Reddie and I connect with my guides and guardian angels as a channel to provide you with readings about you, your vehicle, your home, your pet, your health or even your unborn baby. My readings are provided to you by your angels. I don’t know you, your life, your path, your history, your pet, your plants or your vehicles, but your angels do! That is why they are the ones doing the readings. Your angels are upfront, they care about you and they want you to have the reading that comes from them. When you speak with me, I’m there, but I say, “I don’t know you – but they do”.

Why the name Archtic Moon?

Archtic Moon™ was born in March 2010. Polarity is the major theme with the Archtic Moon symbol. It represents the areas of our life that are opposite but equal. Black is the colour of the universe which represents openness, connection with spirit and its link to the universal plane. The white is the line that governs the universal boundaries or the association with the angels.

 The picture itself, which some have said looks like someone sitting and reading, is actually of an iceberg which represents the arctic (no ‘h’).

The ‘h’ in Archtic came from Archangel Haniel who has guided me in my journey by assisting me with the process of connecting with spirit. As a mark of the balance I have learnt, ‘h’ was included as part of the spelling of Archtic. 

The ‘Moon’ in Archtic Moon was chosen not only because of the association with female, (where the sun is represented as the masculine, the moon the feminine) but because the moon works to balance earth’s emotions through its magnetic field and represents earth’s magnetic impression. In parallel, the moon is said to balance or what I believe, centre our emotions which is how and why I used ‘Moon’ as part of my trading name. Our planet leads us through the process of balance and aids humans in designing and working with our own sense of balance.

Imagine hearing your angels speak to you

Over my life I had felt a presence with me, in that I had felt always its safe arms around me, guiding me in some respect and leading me through my life but I did not have the understanding of what it was. It certainly wasn’t something I normally identified with. As a child I had felt the presence of energy. My angels visited me as a four year old but it was the passing on of my mother passing that led to the connection with my angels on a whole new level and since the connection was made, the presence has not left me.

At one stage I was told by my guardian archangel Azrael that the presence with me could be a ‘passer(s) by’. He told me once that ‘passers by’ are an individual spirit or group of spirits whom are not ready to cross over and who require ‘work’ or guidance. He later went onto say that spirits are just like us. Humans are not perfect but we offer each other lessons that we can learn from not only from the living but from the dead. Spirits need guidance just like humans do, so do not be afraid to work with the spirit you have first, i.e you.

I’ve been teaching psychic development for just over three years. These students have been members of the psychic community, helping others work with their energies and also teaching members of the broader community that their gifts are not just “things that they can do”. I teach everything I can do – with time, patience, compassion and clear boundaries, your skills are waiting to open up for you.