About Us (Dr Fizza Hussain)

Dr Fizza Hussain is the Principal Founder of BRite at Home Dentist Teeth Whitening, Australia. A Graduate from Leeds Dental School, United Kingdom (1999) Fizza possesses over 15 years of Dentistry experience and is up to date with Australian Standards and Regulations in the Dental Industry.

BRite at Home is now bringing the dental teeth whitening experience to your home. Dr Hussain is bringing experience, superior skills and integrity to the online market.

Feel confident in the knowledge that BRite at Home Dentist Teeth Whitening will provide you the best teeth whitening service at the comfort of your home every time.

For only $440.00 you can expect the following;

  • The highest level of due diligence from BRite at Home Teeth Whitening
  • Care and results that can only be provided by a qualified dentist
  • Advice on the health of your gums and teeth
  • Confirmation of suitability each time prior to the beginning of the teeth whitening procedure

Agreeance of both parties prior to commencement is mandatory. Once both parties are comfortable with the decision to forge ahead the following will be provided;

  • A pre procedure photo and shade of teeth is taken
  • Three to four rounds of 15 minute teeth whitening treatment
  • A post procedure photo of new shade is taken
  • Information is provided to you for post procedure care instructions
  • A follow up phone call is made the following day to ensure that all is going well
  • Post procedure phone inquiries accepted during business hours