The concept for b’itch body oils was conceived over a glass of wine and a laugh with my sister, a common enough occurrence in any family. I told her about some aromatherapy blends I was creating for a party; she called me a ‘hippy b’itch’.

That was it, my lovely body oil blends now had a name; b’itch body oils.

As time passed b’itch body oils has expanded to include; hand & body wash, hand & body butter and body massage oil in four distinctive, aromatic blends; perfect, sexy, hot and feisty. The heart and soul of b’itch is to produce premium quality products with a cheeky attitude, created for anyone who likes to feel good and have a bit of fun.

Siobhán McCuskey


So, which b’itch are you?

‘perfect’ will soothe your soul, warm your heart

‘sexy’ is exotic, sensuous and earthy

‘hot’ will refresh and revitalise you with citrus

‘feisty’ is relaxing and will nurture and uplift you


Our products are Australian made using premium quality 100% pure essential oils, blended with natural ingredients such as aloe vera gel, shea butter, rosehip oil and sweet almond oil. They are also; organic, vegan friendly, quality tested, no synthetic ingredients, not tested on animals, ‘greywater’ safe for the garden and in recyclable packaging.