Happy Herb Shop

We are here to offer a positive alternative.

Life in the 21st century is hectic. People are stressed to bits, self-medicating with too much sugar, booze, screens, sports and chemicals.
We propose a different way.
One that is tuned-in, pro-active, and vibrant!
Offering choices that are good for your body and mind.
Did you know that it’s possible to restore yourself to a more balanced state? Physically, emotionally, mentally.
For some people it’s about herbs, nutrition, exercise, knowledge, ceremony, or reconnecting with Nature.
For others it’s about partying consciously and healthily, or breaking addictions.
Ultimately it’s all about happiness and healing.
Rediscover yourself. Respect yourself.
And who you are will change, inside and out.
We’re here to help – and we do it in a friendly, fun, compassionate, knowledgeable way!
It’s time for change in the world – what we put into our bodies, how we do business, how we relate to the planet, how political/corporate control works.
Time for new values, new goals.
For you to be fully empowered to bring about the changes you want.
Our business is about more than just $$, because what’s at stake is more important than that.
We are not-just-for-profit!
We are passionate plant experts!
We are activists!
And we are here to rediscover a happier healthier YOU.
Raise your energy, transform your mood, rest and relax, slim down, interrupt addictive habits, enhance your romance, activate your spirit and embrace the natural lifestyle.
Come in and talk to our friendly passionate staff at over 40 locations Australia wide.