Just Between Us

Just Between Us is a comedy YouTube channel by best friends and comedians Allison Raskin and Gaby Dunn.The Channel features love advice on a weekly basis, well… “love advice”. The show very rarely will include any actual advice!┬á Alison and Gaby are two best friends who on screen, Allison is a neurotic mess looking for a rich husband and is constantly trying to find a way out of her own OCD-riddled mind, where as Gaby is a loud aggressive LGBTQi activist who is heavily against the patriarchy! Gaby is constantly hinting to Allison that they would make a great couple, while Allison is happy and content being BFF’s. They certainly are a dynamic duo and their channel, Just Between Us, is certainly worth subscribing to.


Just Between Us – What is This Channel

Just Between Us – The Girlfriend Tag

Outside the realm of their Just Between Us Youtube channel Allison is a screenwriter with a passion for acting and Gaby is a former journalist who loves to rant on Twitter.
They post their hilarious videos on a bi-weekly basis, tune in to their channel for their weekly dating advice show and their Original sketch, you will learn absolutely nothing but but we guarantee some good lol’s!

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