The new series, the Real Drag Queens of Melbourne is a YouTube series giving an insight of some of the most glamorous lives of these sisters of the sequin from behind the curtain. The series follows the worlds of the beautiful, Sasha Starr, Paris, Rita La Coqueater, Jacquie Meoff, Nova China, Suzie Ridge, Laura Gravity, Tabitha Turlington and Miss Candee.

The episode, with the tag line “A taste of things to come” is full of colour and dance, with bits of advice and counsel from the fabulous ladies.

The show gives us a glimpse of what’s to come in future episodes, hinting at Melbourne’s history in the Drag Queen industry and cute sneak peeks of their performances. But what’s a show about Melbourne’s Drag Queens without some gossip and bitching? There’s some of that too which as Melburnians we’re quite proud to see!

Making light of the TV series with a very similar name, Diversity Expo’s are loving these stunning girls and can’t wait to see more of them!

Check it out!