Sex Therapy & Relationship Therapy in Melbourne

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Everyone has a right to a fulfilling and healthy sex life. Through sex therapy you can discover and understand the beginnings of the sexual difficulty and identify ways to increase your sexual satisfaction.

Sexuality is a central aspect of our lives. When we are happy with our sex life we are often happy in other areas of life. It is common for people to experience sexual difficulties in their life. In fact, many people experience some kind of difficulty in their sexual relationship at some point. These can include erection problems, a loss of desire, orgasmic difficulties, sexual pain, and sexual dissatisfaction. Sometimes there are physiological problems, yet often these issues relate to anxieties, stress, concerns or a lack of knowledge about sex.

When we think about leading a healthy life we think about diet and nutrition, exercise, and looking after our bodies. We do not often think about looking after our sex lives. Sexual problems can lead to other relationships issues. A healthy sex life is part of leading a healthy life. Sex therapy can help you achieve a healthy sex life and therefore a healthier life.

Sex therapy is a also known as sexual counselling or psychsosexual therapy.  A psychosexual therapist, sex counsellor or sex therapist is a professional who is trained in human sexuality, its variations and sexual functions and dysfunctions.

People seek out professional sex therapy more often than you think. We are taught not to talk about sex; that sex is a private thing, yet people do not seek out assistance and end up with a less satisfactory sex life. There is no reason to feel embarrassed or ashamed about seeking assistance to deal with sexual issues. Most issues can be dealt with or worked through with the help and knowledge of a trained professional in a confidential environment.

Sex Life Therapy provides specialist sex therapy and relationship therapy in Melbourne and Frankston (Mornington Peninsula). Our therapists are trained and experienced therapists in sex therapy and counselling/psychotherapy.