Welcome to www.TALLER.com.au. We design the finest quality elevator shoes for men and are the exclusive retailers of men’s height increasing shoes in Australia. Visit our Get Taller With Jennen stores in Australia or shop online for free delivery Australia-wide. We also provide express shipping worldwide to international customers. Our elevator shoes are designed to be comfortable and stylish, and since the height increase lies in the internal build-up of the shoes, the elevation is completely hidden. Plenty of cushioning and support ensures that maximum comfort is maintained despite the height-increase. View our extensive tall shoes for men collection and read about celebrities who wear height-increasing shoes. Find out how our elevator shoes work, why ours are the finest quality height-increasing shoes and read reviews about our shoes, as well as hundreds of testimonials from our satisfied clients.

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Very few height-increasing shoes are designed as well as ours. Cheap leather or vinyl is often used. Shoe lift insoles can also be of poor quality, which can compress over time and result in a diminished height-increase. Our shoe lift insoles are of the highest quality and will not compress over time.

Our elevator shoes are not like women’s high heels, which can often lead to back pain, sore feet and sore heels if worn for extended periods. The staff at TALLER enjoy the benefits of wearing our elevator shoes and wear them comfortably every day. Our tall shoes are worn by men in all professions, including dancers, actors, singers, police officers, security guards, bouncers, lawyers, teachers, real estate agents, car salesmen, musicians and businessmen. We also sell many of our elevator shoes to celebrities, grooms, groomsmen, secondary and tertiary students. Our shoes that make men taller cannot be compared with women’s high heels. High heels are difficult to walk in and provide very little support and cushioning. It takes a lot of practise to walk in long, thin high heel stilettos. However, with our elevator shoes, men should feel comfortable in them almost immediately.

We also assist people who have a leg length discrepancy. Read how we can help customers with a leg length discrepancy.

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